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And on to the news, our latest release!!
1.4.1 (1.4) is finally live \o/
Some of the goodies?
* DMs are more visible
* Untag yourself from conversations
* Users can mute instances
* Language filters for Local/federated timeline
* Media gallery view on profiles
* new art by @dopatwo

read more here:

#Mastodon #Updates #announcement #mastodev

Hey! I haven't been too actively lately bc I moved recently and got married!! :) I'm pretty busy & don't have a lot to post atm, but here's a picture of my cat for #catsodon

@kemonine It's fiction fantasy/scifi (no one can decide if astral projection counts as fantasy or scifi 🤔 )

I just need $50,000 to spend a year writing my book, is that so much to ask?? Ugh.

To be clear, I can always pick up playing FFT again. It's the Twitch part I don't know about. Maybe YT instead? I dunno. Streaming is time consuming.

I quit Twitch streaming right around 11/9, and haven't wanted to go back to it since. I could always pick up playing FFT again, but not sure if I want to??

Michael Giacchino is good at THE MUSICS. I can spot his scores from a mile away but they are always so good.

Please stop demanding that people work for you for free. It's tacky and no one likes you.

@dsale If you get cancer from baby powder, you will want to sue? The companies doing it have known for years.

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#Announcement #Mastodon

@Gargron is taking a few days off. Payday refers to 1 of the Month, since that is when pledges go through.

This is his first real vacation days since early April, if not longer, so let's help him out. By not talking to him tomorrow!

And help us get closer to our stretch goal so we can pay more staff, I realize it says Community Manager, but this is subject to change: